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What are the best credits for home reforms?

What are the best credits for home reforms?

At Across Lender you can see that we have different sections on our website. Although, construction loans only highlight three different ones: fast money, a paperless loan or an installment loan. These three types of financial transaction can help you solve the problem you are in, since each one adapts to different circumstances.

If you want to know which one best suits your situation, you just have to pay attention to the characteristics that we are going to highlight of each one of them.

Easy money

The fast money that you can request through our fast comparator ranges from 50 to 1400 USD, to be returned within a maximum period of 4 months. Therefore, you have great application facilities, even to pay in installments. If you need a quick loan for a home arrangement, this is the best solution. With this economic amount you can make an arrangement in a room in your home and leave a large reform for later.

However, it all depends on the expense you want to make and the budget you have. You must be realistic when requesting the fast money, since you must also be able to return it. If you don’t, you will be breaking the signed contract.

Paperless Loan

As in fast money, with the loan without paperwork you can also enjoy up to 1,400 USD, for 4 months. Although you should know that this economic amount is great especially when you want to apply for loans to improve your home and you don’t want to waste time.

Fast paperless loans, as the name suggests, do not require payroll, endorsement or proof of what the money is wanted for. So you will not have to say at any time how you are going to improve your home, what you are going to change or what is a big expense.

These loans were created to prevent people from wasting time and money. All procedures are streamlined and everyone is happier, obtaining the same results in the shortest amount of time.

Installment credits

Quick loans to repay in months are a great help when you want to make a big change at home. Through the comparator of Across Lender you can request up to 5,000 USD, to be returned within a maximum period of three years. Flexibility is one of the main characteristics of financial institutions that work with us. So, if you are thinking about applying for a home reform loan, this is an excellent option.

You can pay it in installments, little by little, so it is flexible and adapts to the personal situation in which you find yourself.

Now that you know what are the best options you have, depending on the purpose for which you use the money, let’s talk about who are the people who usually request this type of credit.

Who are home renovation loans for?

Loans are for all people. No matter what your situation, economy, job, etc. The objective of Across Lender is to compare hundreds of options in the Spanish market in order to offer you the best alternatives. In this way you can, in most cases, qualify for a loan for the reform you need.

If you are a person on the Financial Credit Institutions defaulter list, you don’t have to worry either. We have an excellent online credit comparer with Financial Credit Institutions, so that you too can find the opportunity that you have been searching for so long.

If you don’t have a payroll, it’s not relevant either. We do not need a payroll, remember that we are a comparator! However, the financial entities with which you request the loan will ask you about your financial situation. This is not a concern, as they will only ask you a few brief questions. The important thing is that you have a recurring aid, subsidy, pension or form of income. If you do not have it you will not be able to demonstrate the return of the money that is lent to you.

It is not relevant that you present us with a lot of paperwork or a guarantee, we want to help you so we will always compare all the options available for you to choose freely.

Anyone who wants to take out a home renovation loan will be able to do so. They only need to present the National Identity Document, be of legal age, have a bank account in the Spanish territory and a recurring income.

How long does it take for the money to appear in the account?

How long does it take for the money to appear in the account?

Once you enter our website and request the credit or loan that has most convinced you after the comparison, you will be redirected to the website of the company you have chosen. When you finish filling in the information, they will inform you in approximately 15 minutes, if they have accepted your request.

In 24 hours you can have the money in your account. Although, you should know that the time period may change. If you request the money from Monday to Friday, the next day you will take it into account. Even if you order it very early in the morning, you may already have it by noon. It all depends on the demand that the financial institution has at that time.

You must take into account that, if you request it on a holiday, you must wait for the next business day to have the transaction completed. This is because banks only work Monday through Friday, not the individual job of each money lender.

Across Lender the best comparator in Spain

Across Lender the best comparator in Spain

Now you already know all the alternatives that you have and you know that you can trust Across Lender. We are a clear and transparent company that always seeks the best for people. Helping is one of our main objectives, along with that of responsibility and trust in our clients. The financial institutions that work with us must follow our same line, because if not, there would be no alliance. So you can be sure that the service you hire will be totally effective.

If you still have questions, you can contact our customer service, available 24 hours, 365 days, both by phone and email. Another option is to consult the section of “questions and answers”, the most common, formulated by our clients. In that section you will also find opinions of people who have worked through our comparator.

Go ahead and start being part of this great family. The perfect credit for your home renovation is waiting for you!